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"Pro Helvetia" will open liaison office in Moscow

After four successful years of the «Swiss Made in Russia» programme, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia will open its Moscow liaison office in January 2017. The liaison office in Moscow will be the latest addition to a network that comprises further of liaison offices in Cairo, Shanghai, New Delhi and Johannesburg. >>



Москва. «Прогулка с трубадуром»

Медиахудожники Андре и Мишель Декостеры и арт-группа !Mediengruppe Bitnik станут участниками выставки «Дом впечатлений. Прогулка с трубадуром». Открытие в ГМИИ им. А.С. Пушкина — 28 октября. >>

Moscow. Nizhny Novgorod. “Adolf Muschg. Readings”

Adolf Muschg, patriarch of the Swiss literature, pays a visit to Russia with his new book “Japanische Tasche”. >>

Arkhangelsk. Moscow. Tour of the “Roofer” Jazz Quintet

On October 17th the "Roofer" will come on the stage within the “International Jazzs Days”, and, on October 18th - within the “Run up to the Leo Festa” at the Alexey Kozlov’s Jazz Club in Moscow. >>

Russia tour of the “Closet Disco Queen”

The legendary Helvetians - Closet Disco Queen - are again in Russia, and all over again they come with their grand countrywide tour. >>


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